Entry #16

Dandy Is On Steam!

2015-08-04 05:29:27 by Buzzwerd

7 years ago, Nov 5, 2008, I submitted Dandy with David Silver and wrote this as part of the NG description:

"Nov 5, 2008 Ahh, and so we are released from the shackles of slavery and tossed into the await of your critique. But how we await oh so humbly, and sit in hope that you'll have a wonderful time playing our little gift to you. Oh how this day has been delayed by our own lack of will to progress, but finally we've come to this final deliverance and how we hope to grace you with our work. And know, that this was indeed for you, and only you. For what we enjoy most is for you to enjoy what we make for you. So know, that many people will read this, but you, you are definitely my favorite among them."

Now we've remade the flash game, and it's on Steam. I hope to join the rest of our NG brethren in the NG curators page. As you see in our release trailer, @almightyhans is a good friend and our neighbor, so Newgrounds is never far from my mind. Hope ya'll enjoy our trailer, and hopefully our game.


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2015-08-04 11:00:36

Excellent!! Congrats, Kevin!! :D

[p.s. Haha!! Cute video!! Hans is great!]

Buzzwerd responds:

Haha thanks! Yeah, he's great.


2015-08-04 12:15:36

Congrats on the launch guys!

Buzzwerd responds:

Thanks man!


2015-08-04 19:12:37

Dandy changed my life.

Buzzwerd responds:

Dude, seriously, you're awesome. Send me a PM if you want codes for your friends.


2015-08-07 23:36:21

:D Had no idea this was your game!

Buzzwerd responds:

Yup! My brother, his girlfriend, and I!